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  • Video: RADAR demonstration at AQUA NL 2018

      During the AQUA NL 2018 trade fair we demonstrated our Wireless Level radar


    H2O Nieuwsbericht 13 maart 2018: “De Aqua Nederland Vakbeurs kent dit jaar de Innovatiestraat.

  • A word from the CEO!

    We believe that levels and fill-levels of fluids as well as solids, can be measured more accurate, reliable and cost-efficient. SenZ2 brings you the latest radar technology together with state of the art IoT connectivity, integrated in smart and powerful solutions. We strive with our industry-grade systems to deliver reliable and actionable information that can feed the primary processes and operations of our customers. Our mission is to unleash the power of the #1 measurement technology and make this accessible for all industries.

    Explore the power of radar technology in your industry

    Reliable and real-time measurements of levels and fill-levels can be of great value for many industrial sectors. Find out how we can deliver smart industrial sensor and monitoring solutions in your most challenging environments.